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Why is self care such a big deal?

By: Chelsea Cashiola


Day to day life can keep us blinded. Do you ever feel like you’re on autopilot? Going through the motions: coffee, work, school, parenting, bed, and then repeat. It can be exhausting when you are trying to keep up on an empty tank of gas. But what happens when you take 10-20 minutes a day that are just for you? It could be meditation time, a bath, listening to music, painting, or reading. Taking the time each day to meet a personal connection with yourself can allow you to refill your tank. For me, it is worship time. If I can take twenty minutes of my day to focus on one thing that brings me joy, I find the remainder of my day going smoother. The way I treat people, the way I treat myself and loved ones, all starts with me. Self-care is not just for me but for the ones I love to enjoy the best version of me. It is not always perfect and there are days I find excuses to not take care of myself, but I feel the consequences of those choices, often waking up to do something different the next day. Remember, it doesn’t have to be something big all the time, but just enough to keep your tank full so that you can be the most useful to those around you as well as yourself.

How to Cope with a Lack of Family Support

By: Chelsea Cashiola



If you are anything like me, you know how important education is. If there is a subject that you are affected by or interested in, you educate yourself in order to obtain more knowledge. So, what happens when you are suffering from a mental illness, addiction, or disorder? As you go through the recovery and treatment process, you obtain knowledge about what is affecting you in order to start healing and learning to cope. However, in any type of mental illness, addiction, or disorder, it takes a support system, including family. But what happens when the family refuses to educate themselves? There is a lack of understanding, support, compassion and it can create even more conflict for the person trying to heal. In my personal experience, I have had family that has chosen to educate themselves, as well as those that have refused to do so. I look at the bigger picture, I am grateful to have some of my family understand and support my recovery. While there are parts of my family that do not, God blessed me with a “non-blood” family, but family non the less. My support system is what I make it, I choose to surround myself with a “family” that understands, supports, and encourages me in my healing and recovery journey. Just like the old saying goes: “you are who you hang around” and as much as I resented my mother for preaching that to me as a kid, it is more relevant in my life today than ever. I choose those that have the same values in life and understand the importance of my recovery, my healing and growth, and most importantly, contribute to my relationship with Christ. Because in Christ- my people are my family, the cross is what makes them so, not DNA.

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