Spiraling Ministries

Helping Through Healing

Empowerment through encouragement


an ear to listen

The very least we at the Hollen Foundation can do is just listen. The first step is to talk to someone. Come talk to us, tell us your story.


A heart to empathize

We know what it's like to be in a difficult and often complicated situation. Let us give you our hearts, so that we may better understand what you're going through.

helping hand with the sky background

A hand to hold

Feeling like you have to work through this all by yourself can be overwhelming. Let us lend a hand. Take it, and start your journey.


Jason Hollen

Jason Hollen is the founder of the Hollen Foundation. Without his powerful story and testimony, we wouldn't be able to help those in need. Jason has dealt with mental illness for a majority of his life, as well as faced addiction, fought through and beat cancer. A successful business owner in the restoration industry, proud dad to two beautiful children , and a loving husband to his high school sweetheart. Recovery has given him new life,  one that he gives Christ credit for. It has allowed him to become the spiritual leader for his family he always wanted to be, which is a role he takes seriously.

Kristyn Hollen

Kristyn's story is one that is rarely talked about, but essential for anyone dealing with a loved one that are facing trials. She is Jason's high school sweetheart, and also co-founder of the Hollen Foundation. She has gone through trials with Jason, but been the supportive and loving spouse. She has the unique insight of unconditional love, care, support and commitment. She lived through the dark, she questioned her faith and strength, but she never gave up. She is a leader, role model, business owner, mother to two beautiful children, a wife. Kristyn will tell you her love for her husband and her faith in Christ are what carried her through, and they have the heart and desire to give back in every and any way they possibly can.


Jackson Wallace

Jackson Wallace is a 2015 graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. Jackson has 10 years of experience working with children as Director of After-School activities at Pride Academy. Currently, Mr. Wallace is Director of Marketing at Law Office of Curtis Wallace. In addition to serving as Director, he will be responsible for producing content, including a podcast for the Hollen Foundation and managing its social media outreach.

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Chelsea Cashiola

Chelsea has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol since October 29th, 2010. In 2013 she felt lead to serve others struggling with substance abuse, she has worked in the mental health field in some capacity ever since. She turned her life over to Christ and was given new life in 2011, as her calling, she tried to embody the love and compassion of Christ to everyone in her path. She is a mother to a five year old little boy and says that being a boy mom has been her greatest blessing to date. Outside of her full time day job, being an active board member with the foundation, and being a mom. Chelsea also coaches her son’s baseball team. She enjoys being a servant and being of service wherever and whenever she can- she believes that it is Christ’s calling on her life. She believes in sharing her story that others who have been or are in a place of hopelessness, may see Christ’s love through her own redemption.